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Canary Party Chairman, Mark Blaxill, On Fox News Discussing AB499

The public is catching on to the fact that the rights of parents are under attack in California.  If you try to call into the Governor’s office to voice your opinion on whether or not he should veto the bill,...
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August 27th Online Meeting

On August 27th the Canary Party held an online meeting to discuss the outcome of the July Canary Party convention.  The recording begins as Mark Blaxill reviews the parties trans-partisan base that met to launch the party.  Presenters include Mark Blaxill, Jennifer...
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Our Principles

  THE CANARY PARTY Our Guiding Principles   In recent human history, mankind has created and witnessed unprecedented changes in the balance between nature and technology. With the advent of the industrial revolution, technological progress has led to profound improvements...
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The Canary Party Massachusetts Pursues Vaccine Exemption Rights

While much of the summer is being spent building the Canary Party’s infrastructure and getting platforms in place, a few states have begun to work on issues in the public arena.  First out of the gate is Massachusetts, whose members...
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Making the Case for Medical Corruption

Is the medical establishment looking out for the best interests of patients? That is the big question.  Many of us have put our faith in pharmaceutical companies and public health agencies, only to discover too late that our trust was...
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Who We Are

We are a group of citizens who are disturbed by the increasingly failing health of those in our society.  Among us are those who have been injured by the medical industry, those with children or loved ones who have been...
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