The Canary Party Massachusetts Pursues Vaccine Exemption Rights

While much of the summer is being spent building the Canary Party’s infrastructure and getting platforms in place, a few states have begun to work on issues in the public arena. 

First out of the gate is Massachusetts, whose members testified in support of a bill to give families the right to a philosophical vaccine exemption that would respect the basic human right that all should have to decide what medical interventions they chose to have, with out being coerced.

Watch some of their powerful testimony here.

The Canary Party believes that every state should have a philosophical exemption and hope to work toward that end.

As The Canary Party Convention delegates meet next week to form our foundation, we are looking to you to let us know what legislation, both at the state and federal level, that you want passed to preserve your medical freedom and to bring greater accountability to the medical industry.  On any medical topic.  If you have worked on any legislation in the past, or have something you want passed in the future, please send us the bills, or ideas for bills, in any format that you have. 

If you are in Massachusetts, or have friends and family there, please forward them this email and encourage them to contact their state representative on supporting H1055.