Next Steps

The first steps of the journey require only a few simple steps. The first steps ahead of us are these:

1. Recruit and mobilize a core constituency.

The leading groups from which this constituency might be drawn include, but are not limited to

  • Parents and families of injured children
  • Autism parents and high-functioning autistic individuals
  • Peanut allergy parents and sufferers
  • Parents of Gardasil victims
  • Vaccine Injury Compensation Program participants, both winners and losers
  • Adult victims of the medical industrial complex
  • Military personnel and veterans
  • Medical professionals and service providers who seek to provide an alternative to the failed approaches of the medical industrial complex

2. Hold a party convention

A party convention is an occasion to convene a broad group of skilled and experienced advocates who can carry the Canary Party agenda forward.

3. Draft an initial platform

One based on principles around which broad agreement is strongest.

4. Develop a working vision of success

We must set goals and strategies to take the movement there.

5. Decide on a near term plan of action

In order to generate early momentum and the maximum possible leverage for change. Possible action areas include:

  • Introducing local ballot questions
  • Drafting questionnaires to submit to candidates for elective office in which they respond to The Canary Platform
  • Designing and sponsoring legislative initiatives at the national, state and local level
  • Fielding candidates for office, including local, state and national positions
  • Engaging in impact litigation where and when the opportunity is deemed necessary and furthers the goals of the Canary Party.
  • Beginning to meaningfully harvest, educate, and focus the current court of public opinion which legitimately questions the safety of vaccines and the schedule.