Your Financial Support is Needed!

Your donations are needed to further our work to protect the health and rights of Americans.

Just a few short months ago, a small group of people from all over the U.S. gathered for a weekend in Minneapolis, Minnesota for the first ever Canary Party Convention.

Their goal was to unite several groups who all shared common stories of human injustice by the medical industrial complex.  Some were whistleblowers who had endured being wrongfully terminated from their jobs after they spoke out about corruption in the field of medicine.  Some were parents who watched their children die or suffer permanent brain damage after forced medical interventions.  Some had lost loved ones to hastily-approved drugs that were pushed by doctors without regard for the individual patient’s welfare.  Some were leaders in the fight for real food, food freedom and GMO labeling.  And some were doctors who have lost faith in the current state of “health” care in the U.S.  All were disgusted with the fact that, despite the astronomical costs allocated for health care in our country, we have the poorest health in the industrialized world.

These passionate and motivated individuals came together to outline and define the guiding principles of the Canary Party.

Since that initial convention, the Canary Party has taken flight!  Thousands of citizens concerned about health freedom have signed up to support the cause.  Three regional conferences have taken place in Boston, Dallas and Sacramento and people are beginning to organize and mobilize regain power over how policy that affects human health is crafted and implemented.

The process of organizing our movement is immense, mainly because we are fighting perhaps the most powerful industry on earth.  But fight we will, regardless of the wealth and power of the medical industrial complex.  Our lives, and the health and well-being of our children and future generations depend on ordinary citizens standing together and taking back the control over our own bodies, and what goes into them.

With the recent Supreme Court ruling allowing organizations to fund political campaigns, the future has become more challenging for the individual health care consumer.  Drug company lobbyists already outnumber lawmakers in Washington by a shocking 10-1!  It’s hard to imagine how much worse it will be when lawmakers are elected having already sold out to Pharma.

We at the Canary Party aim to keep our politicians honest, and to keep America informed as to which ones have chosen to accept drug company campaign contributions.  As much as politicians will tell you that they represent YOU, their promises often go right out the door as soon as they are elected, and they immediately go to work for those who funded their campaigns – NOT you!

Some of our other goals include:

  • Continuing to grow and organize our numbers
  • Providing a forum for health freedom initiatives of all kinds
  • Supporting the brave individuals who speak out about medical corruption knowing full well the backlash by the industry will be devastating to their lives and careers
  • Giving an alternative source of important information to medical consumers not reported by pharma-funded mainstream media
  • Coordinating grass-roots efforts to make important legislative changes supporting health freedom at the state and federal level

The Canary Party needs your support in 2012!
Your financial contribution can help us achieve these goals.  Please consider a donation of $25, or whatever you can afford to give.  Please also consider offering your valuable talents as we move forward in achieving our goals.
Join with us to help give a voice to the injured canaries.  Alone, we can do little.  But together, we can change the course of history.