Sam Wessels questions GOP candidates on Autism

A little boy with autism is able to do what the major media networks can’t seem to accomplish, ask the presidential candidates in Iowa about their plans on autism.

Please take a look at the following remarkable videos. Iowa warrior mom Lin Wessels and her nine (“almost ten”) year old son Sam managed to pose questions to all of the Republican presidential candidates (except Huntsman) on what they would do about autism. And if you know people in Iowa, especially folks who may be participating in the caucuses tonight, please forward this link to them.

Michele Bachmann (this one got cut short):


Newt Gingrich: 

Ron Paul: 

Mitt Romney: 

Rick Santorum: 

Lin and Sam also got responses from Herman Cain and Tim Pawlenty but both are no longer running.

Please post this link to Facebook and other social networks and please share with friends and family especially those in Iowa.