Poll Shows 72% of Californians Think Parents and Doctors—Not Politicians Should Make Decisions About Vaccinating Children


SACRAMENTO, CA—Survey USA released new poll results today showing the majority of California residents believe parents and doctors, and not bureaucrats at the State Capitol, should make vaccination choices. SB277 (Pan/Allen) eliminates the Personal Belief Exemption for vaccination, and would deny a child the right of a classroom education if their parents chose to exempt them from one, some or any of California’s state-mandated vaccines.

Opposition to this bill has reached record numbers. More than 1000 concerned California parents have shown up to express their opposition during recent Health and Education Committees hearings, many making trips multiple times from all over the state.

Bills like SB277 are dying all over the country because this is America and we value freedom. In recent weeks, Oregon, Washington, Maryland, North Carolina, New Mexico, Illinois and Texas realized their proposed bills like SB277 were far too draconian to impose on their citizens. Those bills died. Is California going to join ranks with only Mississippi and West Virginia and be the third state that does not value parental choice,” asked Jude Tovatt of the California Coalition for Health Choice.

Many of the organizations opposed to SB277 point to AB2109, a California law implemented in 2014 that requires parental counseling from medical professional before a PBE can be signed. Senator Pan, then Assemblyman Pan, sponsored that bill. Since AB2109 has passed, PBEs have gone down 20%.

Senator Pan needs to give his own prior legislation more time to work. AB2109 has resulted in a 20% reduction in PBEs. SB277 goes way too far and infringes on parental rights. This bill seems to be an answer to a problem that does not exist. Only 2.54% of kindergarten students are on a PBE, and hold them for a variety of good reasons. Most California children are fully vaccinated and now we know from this important poll that most Californians do not support this legislation,” said Sylvia Pimentel, California State Director of the Canary Party.

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The Canary Party is a movement created to stand up for the victims of medical injury, environmental toxins and industrial foods by restoring balance to our free and civil society and empowering consumers to make health and nutrition decisions that promote wellness.