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Call to Action As Minnesota Vaccine Safety Advocates Fight Proposed Rule Changes

Several months ago, it was brought to the attention of vaccine safety groups in Minnesota that the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) was proposing to add more shots to their recommended schedule, and lower the recommended age for other shots...
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Benefits Of Product Launch Services For Affiliate Marketers

New interior designer in need of good visibility on the market? Brand new wine launcher looking for a way to penetrate the market segment of vintage wine drinkers? Do you have a real estate property that needs to be advertised...
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As Autism Awareness Month winds down, let’s ask for some action in Congress.  Please contact Congressman Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, with the following messages:1)    Thank him for holding a great hearing on November 29th, 2012. Let...
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Vaccines and Autism – Answering the Wrong Questions

Editorial by Katie Weisman, Canary Party, Executive Director and SafeMinds Board Member Now that World Autism Awareness Day has passed, let’s assess where we truly stand.  Last week, two studies were reported and spun by the CDC in the annual...
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Send us the information on your meetings with Congress

This week we begin to ask our members of Congress to follow up on the Autism Epidemic hearings held in the Committee on Oversight & Government Reform in November of last year.  As you schedule and hold meetings and calls...
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Congress slams NIH, CDC reps for evading vaccine/autism evidence

Inept, disjointed agencies waste almost $1 billion, seek more funds A government health agency director who a decade ago proposed diluting vaccine/autism data was one of two testifiers interrogated at a Congressional hearing yesterday on the federal government’s poor response...
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