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Rob Schneider Demands Answers on CDC MMR Fraud

In light of the revelation that Dr. William Thompson, senior scientiest at CDC, has admitted guilt in hiding data that found that black males are 340% more likely to have an autism diagnosis when given the MMR before age 3,...
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FDA Lifts Ban on Burzynski

“The Burzynski Research Institute, Inc. (BRI) announced today that U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has notified the company that its partial clinical hold on its IND for Antineoplastons A10/AS2-1 Injections has been lifted.  The FDA has determined that under its...
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The Murder-Suicide Phenomenon Among Autism Caregivers Continues

The needless suffering continues as cases of autism are neither prevented, properly treated or sufficiently supported, and some caregivers turn to the worst possible choice to allieviate their struggle. Murder-suicide. “He said Robert didn’t know his own strength, and his...
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Fire the Deniers!

March 27, 2014 CDC: 2.4% of American 12 Year Old Boys Have an Autism Diagnosis  President Obama: Fire the CDC and NIH Autism Epidemic Deniers Immediately Dear President Obama, Fire the deniers! Fire the federal employees who deny the existence...
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Congressional Briefing on the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

On November 7th, 2013, members of the vaccine injury community held a briefing, sponsored by The Canary Party, for congressional staffers to present many of the problems in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in preparation for hearings in the House...
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New Plan To Kill GMO Labeling Laws

From Our friends at the Organic Consumers Association: Please take action NOW to tell the FDA how you feel about allowing manufacturers to label genetically modified-containing foods as “Natural”! ORGANIC CONSUMERS ASSOCIATION – TOP NEWS OF THE WEEK The food...
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