How I Became A Refuser

I come from the world of financial markets, having previously worked on Wall Street in proprietary trading at Salomon Brothers and I currently advise hedge funds and institutional portfolio managers regarding asset allocation. Vaccines are big business, with current US revenues of about $25 billion a year. Vaccine manufacturers have surreptitiously captured the regulatory process all the way from FDA vaccine licensure down to public school admission mandates. I have attended many meetings from point A to point B and I am absolutely appalled at how US vaccination policy is conducted. This is an extraordinary abuse of corporate power, particularly because vaccine adverse reactions are typically ignored or covered up. The FDA Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System currently contains 364,000 reports, including 4,674 deaths. Former FDA Commissioner David Kessler stated in the Journal of the American Medical association only about 1% of serious adverse events are reported to the FDA.”

The human race needs a viable counterweight to this unholy alliance of corporate and government power — and that is why I am a member of the Canary Party. As a start-up movement, we certainly seem like a case of David vs. Goliath, but look how that confrontation turned out for Goliath.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is up to its neck in financial and ethical conflicts of interests with vaccine manufacturers. The AAP actually counsels its members how to ‘terminate’ patients that refuse to follow the CDC-recommended vaccine schedule. The Canary Party needs to encourage doctors to follow medical practices that are best for their patients — not what is dictated by pharmaceutical profits and bureaucratic decree. To encourage medical progress and to discourage vaccine-related death and disability, we need to support parents who terminate their relationship with pediatricians that refuse to honor vaccine choice. This is a healthy way for market forces to marginalize and penalize medical malpractice and to improve the neurological health of future generations.

We now have a corporate, government and AAP-sponsored epidemic of neurological damage, which corresponds to the definition of encephalopathy as defined in the Merck Manual, any reputable neurology textbook or of that listed in the US Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Doctors who refuse to acknowledge or take responsibility for this epidemic need to be held accountable.

We stand against this great injustice, as others before (Mandela, etc.) have stood in other movements against seemingly insurmountable odds and prevailed. The neurological health of this generation and unborn generations to follow is at stake.

The American Medical Association’s official position on informed consent states that patients can make an informed decision to proceed or to refuse a particular course of medical intervention.’ Notice it doesn’t say ‘except vaccination.’ Informed consent is the backbone of medical ethics. Doctors who assert that patients do not have the right to refuse vaccines are violating this medical code of ethics.

I am a Refuser. I have one dead daughter (who died within hours after receiving a vaccine) and two normal, thriving children who have received zero vaccines. My family is living proof that vaccines can be both 1) harmful and 2) unnecessary for childhood health and neurological development. I support the right of parents to make the choice about vaccination themselves, not on the basis of what the CDC, AAP or I recommend.

My musical rock band The Refusers has taken a bold public stand for health freedom. My unvaccinated son is the drummer. Our theme song is: ‘Vaccination Choice is a Human Right.’